‘‘ There is a wide selection of resources and some innovative activities planned, which the children enjoy and the environment is effectively organised to help children have good opportunities to develop independence and progress in their learning. ’’
Ofsted inspector March 2009

‘‘ The childminder fully recognises the value of continuous quality improvement and how it impacts on children’s achievements. She has been proactive in attending a wealth of additional training courses and engages with other agencies to develop her knowledge on aspects of the early years foundation stage. She also effectively leads and encourages a culture of reflective practice, self evaluation and informed discussion, with parents, assistants and the children she cares for. ’’
Ofsted Inspector March 2009

‘‘ A welcoming, very child friendly environment is provided where children are abl to develop a good sense of belonging. ’’
Ofsted Inspector March 2009

‘‘ The childminder supports children’s learning well. She provides a wide range of stimulating and innovative activities which allow children to respond and express ideas. She extends their learning extremely well using spontaneous opportunities.’’
Ofsted Inspector March 2009

‘‘ Bev always plans activities to engage the children in the holidays, and is full of ideas how to entertain them. ’’
Stephen & Isobel, Parents

‘‘ It became apparent very soon after Bev started to care for our children that we could trust her implicitly, indeed she has become a central figure in the early years development of our children – a role which we welcome. ’’
Susan & Bernard, Parents

‘‘ I chose Beverley to take care of my daughter as she came across from the inset to have the children’s best interests at heart and as having a friendly, caring attitude and very patient. Beverley has proved herself to be all this and more. She has built up a good relationship with J and I know my daughter is very fond of her. She is reliable, flexible and approachable. ’’
Michelle, Parent

‘‘ Bev’s experience and flexibility makes her an asset and a credit to childminding. ’’
Tracy & Darren, Parents

‘‘ I like being at Bev’s house because we all have fun. In the holidays Bev takes us to the cinema, to Lotherton Hall on fun days and she takes us bowling. Bev plays a lot of games with us and fun activities. Bev makes us feel like we are a part of her family. ’’
Lucy - aged 8

‘‘ A few words cannot express our gratitude to you fully. As a parent, I am sure you realise the decision to leave your child in another’s care is heart wrenching. However, we have always felt at ease whilst D has been in your care, a feat not to be underestimated. We shall take pride that you have assisted in our upbringing of D, maintaining standards that have brought her to be the lovely young lady she is fast becoming. We are eternally grateful. ’’
Julian & Susan, Parents on leaving my setting

‘‘ The children in this setting are happy and confident and this was clearly demonstrated through the activities they were involved in, independently selecting and seeking support from their peers and interested adults. ’’
Childminding network coordinator

‘‘ Adult-child interaction is very good and all children’s needs are well anticipated and fulfilled in a caring and approachable manner.’’
Network coordinator

‘‘ Bev is pro active in meeting needs of all the children she cares for; the range of resources reflects this. ’’
Learning leader (accreditation observation)

‘‘ The children are offered a high standard of teaching and the learning experiences are linked to individual needs and interests. The practitioner ensures that all children are given time to explore and experiment and actively supports this through sensitive questioning and play. ’’
Network coordinator (accreditation assessment)

‘‘ This setting is very strong at managing parental needs and always maintains a professional relationship through a two way flow of communication either, verbally, written or face to face interactions. ’’
Network coordinator (accreditation assessment)